2013 Intelligent Green Building Design Competition Guidelines


Intelligent Green Building’, which integrates green building design and intelligent technology is a global trend at the present time. In addition, it is also one of the four innovative intelligent industries strongly promoted by the government at this stage. In order to lead the trend of intelligent green building creativity, and to popularize this concept to achieve improve the quality of life of citizens, the Ministry of Interior Architecture and Building Research Institute (ABRI) is conducting 2013 Intelligent Green Building Design Award, which is the 7th annual competition and has been conducted for many years, in order to admit designs/ products /services of intelligent green building. Moreover, actual architecture renovation projects are also welcome as they demonstrate implemented methodology and benefits for the considerations of the public and the industries, therefore enhancing the strength of the industries as a whole.


  This focus of this year’s creativity competition is the design of intelligent green building. There are two divisions for this competition, which are ‘’Creative Thinking’ and ‘Toward Future Home’.

Division A: Creative Thinking

The topic of this division is "city inhabitation and service format in the future." Participants need to choose a proper design space, (such as classroom of school, park, ward of hospital, parking lots, store or general residential house, pavement, and so on.) Participants should demonstrate where such a space needs to be improved, and explain how to adopt future technologies, (such as information communication, sensor, or control, and so on), or improve upon sustainable design, show how it integrate with localized services to satisfy people’s needs of safety,  reassurance, health, and sustainable energy reduction.

Division B: Toward Future Home

Participants should introduce emerging technologies (e.g. information, communication, sensing, control, etc.) or sustainable design into an actual renovation project of existing buildings (buildings with permit for construction and not illegal constructs) in order to meet people's need of safety, reassurance, health, energy conservation, convenience and comfort in a space of high quality of life.

Architecture and Building Research Institute, Ministry of the Interior



Industrial Technology Research Institute
Intelligent living Spaces Industrial Association
Taiwan Intelligent living Spaces Development Association

Taiwan Intelligent Building Association


National Association of Architect, R.O.C 
Chinese Institute of Design 
Architectural Institute of Taiwan 
National Association of Interior Design, R.O.C. 
Designers Association of Taiwan 
Chinese Institute of Design 
Zero Energy Building Technology Alliance 
Electrical Engineers Association,R.O.C.
Cooling and Air Conditioning Engineers Association
Taiwan Green Collar Association
Center of Innovation and Synergy for Intelligent Home Technology
Taiwan Architecture & Building Center
Center for Technologies of Ubiquitous Computing and Humanity



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